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We hope you can find everything you need. 
These web pages can only give you a flavour of the therapies. It is not our intention to give detailed backgrounds on REIKI or the Use of Crystals or indeed to any of the therapies. This website will in time include more detail.
Please do NOT think that any form of Holistic Therapy, crystal healing or indeed REIKI is a replacement for conventional medicines. These forms of healing are a complimentary medicine not an alternative medicine. Please seek advice from a doctor before you take on any form of complimentary healing therapy.
In addition to REIKI and Crystal Healing, therapies included on this site are 

Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, Indian Face Massage, Indian Head Massage, Indian Head and Face Massage,  Neck and Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Back Massage without Stones, Holistic Aromatherapy Massage (Full Body),  Foot Massage with Spa Treatment, Full Body Massage with Oils, Ear Candling and more. 

Sadly our Practice in Corfu closed in May 2016 and may be re-established in the future.