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All qualified REIKI Practitioners schooled in the way of REIKI USUI SHIKI RYOHO must be able to prove an unbroken link to the founder, Dr Mikao Usui. My lineage is as follows;-

Dr Mikao Usui
Dr Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikura
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Arthur Robertson
Carol Farmer
Dian McCumber & Marlene Scholke
Leah Smith
William Lee Rand
Debbie Fleet
Elspeth Walker
David J Tyrrell
  <<My REIKI Master
Hazel J McCully

The first three symbols of USUI REIKI
Copies of the hand drawn symbols drawn by Mrs Takata. These are 1) The Power Symbol, 2) The Emotional Symbol and 3) The Distant (or Absent) Healing Symbol